2016 Competition



The sixth and final evening of the summer competition took place on September 20th.  It was just about a perfect summer evening but with winter approaching it grew too dark to continue flying by 18:50.  The turnout was poor with only 4 of us competing though six records were set during the course of the evening. 


Teresa Pemberton started the evening off with an attempt to achieve 10 laps with her quadcopter in Class A.  Unfortunately her battery didn't last long enough but she did achieve 3.5 laps in 4m 45s.  Ian Newton then set a record in Class B achieving 9 touch and goes in 2 mins followed by 5 take offs in class B again in 2 mins.  More could have been achieved had he not damaged his undercarriage which prevented further take offs.  Paul Walker then set a record in the Class A 10 lap event achieving them in 2m 34.5secs.  Dave barker then also attempted the same record and pipped him at the post by achieving his 10 laps in 2m 28secs.  Paul did have a further attempt at beating this record but the battery he used was obviously not supplying the same level of power and was consequently unable to beat Dave.  It was by now getting quite dark but Ian Newton attempted to set a 10 lap record in class B.  While the plane was pretty much a silhouette and there were some hairy moments, 10 laps were completed in 2m 20secs.  It really was with some relief that a safe landing was made with no damage; he really should have attempted this earlier in the year with more light, as a much faster time was definitely achievable as full throttle was hardly used at all!


Next month sees us beginning the Winter season so we will be back at the Blue Lias on October 11th.  We hope to see you there.


Last modified: September 20, 2016