2016 Competition - May



The second evening of the summer competition took place on May 17th.  The evening was overcast with a blustery Southerly wind and a few spots of rain.  Probably due to the weather the turnout was limited with 8 of us present.  


In the end only two records were set during the evening.  Duncan Barker set a touch and go record in the 'A' class, achieving 3 in the 2 minutes.  He narrowly missed getting a 4th one in but was 7 seconds too late for it to count.  I am sure in better conditions he will improve on his own record


John Robinson set a record in the 15 second power on, achieving a flight time of 1min 58 sec in class 'B'


Hopefully the weather will be better next month and more will be tempted to come and have a go or just be sociable and have a chat, watch, assist, support, heckle etc.



Last modified: May 17, 2016