2016 Competition - June



The third evening of the summer competition took place on June 21st.  The evening was much better than on the previous evenings but unfortunately the turnout was again disappointing. 


Three records were set during the evening - 2 new ones and one where the existing record was broken.  Dave Barker set a new 'Loops' record in the B class with 22 loops. He also set a new record for Climb and Glide in the 'B' class with a ratio of 10.6:1.  The final record set by Dave was breaking Brian Webbs record in the B class for 22 spins


Hopefully the turnout will be better next month when we will be having a fun fly evening, though you can still attempt a record if you choose or just be sociable and have a chat, watch, assist, support, heckle etc.


Last modified: July 02, 2016