2016 Competition



The fourth evening of the summer competition took place on July 19th and was a Fun Fly as well as a competition opportunity.  The evening was absolutely superb being very warm with only a light breeze and a wonderful blue sky but unfortunately the turnout was again disappointing. 


Two records were set during the evening - both new ones.  Teresa Pemberton set a new 'Take Offs' record in the A class with 3 completed. She also set a new record for Limbo in the 'A' class with 9 passes being achieved. 


Do come along next month either for just for a fly or to have a go at one of the records or even just to be sociable and have a chat, watch, assist, support, heckle etc.  Those that came this month had a very enjoyable time and made the most of a perfect summer evening.  Make the most of them while you can!!



Last modified: July 20, 2016