2016 Competition- April


The first evening of the summer competition took place on April 19th.  The evening was warm and sunny with a light westerly wind.  Some initial discussions were held to clarify the various rules and to prepare equipment such as the limbo poles.  While this year individuals will be able to attempt setting a record at any time as long as they observe the rules and requirements, it is hoped that the third Tuesday of each month will continue to be recognized as a competition night and that we can gather to have some fun and make some record attempts.


There was a reasonable turnout of both competitors and assistants/observers but hopefully even more will come in future months.  The competitions this year give an opportunity for everyone to have a chance at achieving a record.  The rules for each event need to be studied carefully and a suitable plane chosen for the event (note that each event has 2 categories - 1 for under 300W and another for above).  The strategy employed can also make a big difference in the outcome as can the weather and ground conditions.


A number of events were attempted during the evening.  Dick Blenkinsop set two preliminary records, 1 for the 15sec motor run and the second for the climb and glide.  John Robinson has set the target for the largest number of spins while Ian Newton set the initial record for loops (this was equaled later in the evening but in these circumstances the first to achieve the record holds it until beaten).  Brian Webb has given us the record to beat for spins in the B class (over 300W) category.

Duncan  was intending to make an attempt at the landings and touch and go events but the flying square was far too soft to make a success of that event so we will need to wait for things to dry up a little.  


We did set the limbo poles up just to check out the tape and ensure it would break if contact was made.  John tested it out for us and gave us much amusement as he attacked the tape, poles and threatened the ground.  This event could prove to be one of the more difficult ones!


Thanks also go to those who observed, timed or generally supported the competitors.  Why not come next month even if only to watch, assist, support, heckle etc..



Last modified: April 20, 2016