Paul Morris


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Model:  Tony Nijhuis plan

Wingspan: 32"

motor: 4 Max 210 watt outrunner

Battery: 2200mAh, 3S LiPo


Model: Chris Foss Wots Wot

Engine: Evolution 60 petrol


Model: Flair SE5A kit original from circa 1982

engine: os52 4stroke  


a VQ model A6M5  Zero

 wing span 62 inches

 engine sc 70 four stroke












Model: Dragon Dancer 2 

Pete Millers free plan in RCM&E

Engine: SC32


Supplier: Seagull

Model: Extra EA300L

Engine: ASP 52  2 stroke


Supplier: Black Horse

Model: Ryan STA

Engine: SC61 2 stroke


Model: MJX400

Source:  EBay

Battery: 750mAh LiPo

6 axis stabiliser


Supplier: Hobby King

Model: Catalina

Wingspan: 1380mm

Flying Weight: 850g

Motor: Brushless Outrunner 

1300kv x 2

ESC: 25A w/BEC x 2


Model: Wildcat

Supplier: Parkzone

Motor: 480 size 960kV

Battery: 1300mAh, 3s









Model: Extra 300s

Supplier: Seagull

Wingspan: 63 inches

Motor: ASP 61 2 stroke



Manufacturer - Ripmax

Model: WOT4mk2 ARTF

Wing span - 1095mm

Motor - SC40



Supplier: Hobby King

Model: EDF Shark


Length: 1030mm

Weight: 700g

Motor: EDF 64mm with 39L 

Brushless Outrunner motor

ESC: 25A
Servo: 9g x 3








WOT4 Foamie modified with cradle to carry small balsa Glider

Paul takes the WOT4 up and releases the glider for Harvey to fly back to the square







Manufacturer:  Seagull

Model:  Yak 54

Wingspan:  57inches

Motor:  SC61

Weight:  7lbs



Manufacturer:  Ripmax

Model:  Wots Wot XL

Wingspan:  66.5 inches

Motor:  Evolution 33cc








Model: Tundra

Manufacturer: Durafly

Wingspan: 1300mm

Motor:  3636 950Kv brushless outrunner

Prop: 12 x 6 carbon prop

This model comes with floats and allows you to reverse the model out of reeds if need be    


Last modified: November 17, 2017